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Commercial Gardening

Many of our franchise owners maintain the grounds of commercial premises and sporting facilities.

If you own or operate a commercial premise, you will appreciate how important it is that the grounds and gardens are maintained throughout the year.

We know just how important first impressions are, so the natural areas around your premises are one of the first things your clients will see when they arrive. Short grass with tidy edges and weed-free borders with neatly pruned shrubs may have little to do with the products or services that you sell, but they create the impression that you care.

And so do we, time and time again, as the regularity and reliability of a service counts as much as the quality.

Rest assured, your local 'Jim' can help.

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If you have always wanted to run your own business, then perhaps Jim's Mowing is the opportunity for you.

  • It is the UK's fastest growing garden maintenance company.
  • We have a network of garden business owners across the country.
  • Proven business model
  • Enjoy a better quality of life

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