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Storm Damage

You never know when a storm might come through and do some damage.  We are available to help out a wide and varied range of clean up and repair work. The list below provides a few examples but is by no means exhaustive; you could be surprised at just how much there is to do after a heavy weather front.

Fallen trees after a storm

Fallen Trees

Whether a fallen tree, blown down by the wind, or large branches that need to be cut up and taken away, your local Jim has the ability, the tools, and the licence to carry green waste to the recycling centre.

Fallen trees after a storm

Fence Repairs

Fences are particularly vulnerable during strong winds as the posts naturally become weaker
over time as contact with the soil and water accelerates the decomposition process. Your local Jim can effect a rapid response to fixing your fence, either a panel fence or boards, or by simply replacing the rotten and broken posts with new ones

Shed roof repairs

Shed Roofs

As well as supplying and installing new sheds, Jim’s Mowing can also replace the felt roof that has blown away in the gales.

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